Message on hold

How to keep your callers attention

Marketing Messages on Hold bring a human touch to an area where your customers are typically ignored, when you place them on hold. Stream information straight to your callers ears using Sound Results on hold marketing messages. Even if your callers spend very little time on hold, consider that the average custom marketing on hold message is just 20 seconds in length or less!

Hold messages are a proven and effective vehicle to market your products and services to your callers. You can’t afford to have your callers hang up when you put them on hold. Include marketing messages in your marketing plan to help create a cohesive marketing approach. Hold messages increase sales, provide more ways for you to communicate with your clientele and make your company’s image reputable and customer driven.

What should you say in your messages on hold? Inform callers of your most popular and/or profitable products and services, use as a teaser for discounts and specials that you offer from time to time, call attention to other divisions of your company or to sister businesses, cross-sell related services, tell about your companies unique history, feature outstanding staff and workers, reinforce newsletter items, share recent awards earned, etc..

Sound Results offers professional voicing solutions for your phone system to end the communication challenges companies face when handling telephone traffic. Learn more about a free trial to find out if having messages and music on hold can improve your customer service and your bottom line.

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Music on hold

How to keep your callers from hanging up

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  We can’t say it any better than Longfellow! How better to communicate with your callers than with the universal language of music brought to you by Sound Result’s on hold! We offer an extensive music library so you can create just the right image to convey to your clients on hold.

All music rights and licensing fees are included in our hold music service. We provide you the flexibility to update your background music as needed and many of our clients especially enjoy featuring holiday music during the holiday seasons.

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Offering music on hold indicates to your callers that you are the kind of company that attends to every detail of customer service and recognize that your clients are the most important aspect of your business! Our hold music library features every style of music you can imagine, from acoustic guitar to tropical island, big band to smooth jazz and new country to classical. Hold music can be stylish and intriguing when you choose licensed music from Sound Results on hold! Preview a small sampling of some of our hold music by clicking here music demo.

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VoIP, IVR, & Phone messages

How to direct your callers and get results

VoIP. First, what does the acronym VoIP stand for? Very odd Intelligent Person? Vague options I Picked? No, VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. Just knowing what VoIP stands for doesn’t really explain it. Simply put, VoIP is using telephone voice service over the intranet and internet. Therefore, phones in your office can be hosted by a central control box located on site or somewhere very far away. That control box might be called many different things; such as, hosted PBX, cloud based, hosted VoIP, virtual PBX, (or their brand named service) etc…

IVR, Interactive Voice Response, allows a recorded voice in your phone system to interact with callers. IVR messages allow a caller to respond to prompts and navigate a phone system to get to the right department or even access account information. IVR and advanced Auto Attendant Systems, (also known as Phone Greetings, Voice Prompts, Voice Trees, Phone Menus, Telephone Call Trees, IVR systems, and basic Voicemail Greetings) give you more opportunities than ever to effectively communicate your brand and messages to your callers with professionally recorded telecom audio greetings.

“Sound Results is your expert resource to help you navigate the possibilities and fully maximize the messaging features on your VoIP phone system.”

VoIP technologies have created a low cost entry point so that every business can have advanced messaging features. Now, companies big and small have access to IVR messaging features and Auto Attendant Greeting Menus to better direct callers and deliver timely, focused messages in a precise manner.

Sound Results is the expert resource you need to help navigate your IVR possibilities and fully maximize the messaging features on your VoIP phone system. We’re familiar with all of today’s leading service providers, whether you have an on premise based system; such as, Cisco, Shoretel, Avaya, Mitel, etc…, or you have a cloud based hosted solution like, Ring Central, Vonage, Fonality or Ooma, etc…, we have a solution that will work on your system! Without professional IVR messages (or phone menu messages) a customer can have a very frustrating telephone experience. A small investment in time and money to create easy to understand, concise recorded messages will result in happy callers and a good impression of your company.

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Message on hold Stats

After hearing an on hold offer, 20% of callers made a purchase
20% purchased
With message on hold, Callers stay on the line 25% longer
25% less likely to hang up
34% of callers who hang up will not call back.
34% abandon the call
The average hold time is 38 seconds
38 seconds to inform
Of 10,000 callers left on hold with silence, 52% terminated the call after a minute
52% hung up with silence
88% of callers surveyed want to hear product information on-hold
And will stay on the line longer if provided with information