Thumbs Up

Going from silence on-hold to marketing on-hold is like suddenly gaining the use of an opposable thumb! On-hold marketing allows you to be so much more efficient at marketing! On-hold marketing is the most effective form of marketing – not to mention the most economical!

Going from music on-hold to marketing on-hold is like suddenly being able to use both your left and right hand to complete all kinds of tasks simultaneously! Music on hold sure is respectable yet when professional on-hold messages are added to music you have the ability to easily increase your marketing efforts by reinforcing existing advertising!

Here at Sound Results on hold we want to help your marketing efforts evolve to a new level to make your marketing dollars really count!! Contact us and we’ll get our hands busy for you!

Holiday Inn – Burlington, VT

I wanted to use our hold time as a marketing tool to inform our callers about all of our amenities such as our pub’s live entertainment, our indoor and outdoor pools, and our relaxing restaurant.  I even have the opportunity to invite them to try reserving one of our new suites with a view…

Radisson Hotel – St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to us… It’s very professional. I love the service I get from you…  Thank you so much for your prompt professional service I do appreciate it.

Best Western – Sarasota, FL

We appreciate working with your friendly team and your responsiveness to our needs has been superb. Since we put in the system a year ago, we have never had any trouble; it just always works…  No one likes to be placed on hold, but your service makes it more pleasant and informative for potential guests.

McKinley Mortgage – Girdwood, AK

The company is proactive and seems to do everything right, a quality very much appreciated. I highly recommend this company and the quality of their services.  We have always been treated courteously and any concerns we have had has been dealt with promptly along with great follow through.

PlantMasters – Suttons Bay, MI

Well, thanks for all the great ads you wrote for us… it was really creative and it is stuff we would have never thought about ourselves. We are really happy and can’t wait to do it again!  Thanks a lot!

Perfect Circle Credit Union – Hagerstown, IN

I would definitely recommend them to anyone! … I had the option to switch to other vendors as many people have tried to present me with their products, and I have yet to find anyone who can provide me the service and quality that Sound Results has provided me…

Mainstream Insurance Agency, Inc. – Worcester, MA

The recordings were very professional. Once in a while, when you start to lose faith in your vendors… along comes Sound Results on-hold that completely and utterly restores your faith. I must say the ease of doing business from start to finish was a breath of fresh air. The response was fast.

Bayshore Resort – Traverse City, MI

I couldn’t be more pleased with your company and, in particular, your personal service. As much as I hate being put on hold, your professional message does make it much more pleasant and informative while waiting for the next available clerk.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

WD Web Company – Traverse City, MI

Your company, Sound Results On Hold, is so cool! At first I didn’t want to spend the money, but we could not be happier with the service you provide… it just always works…  The money we spend doesn’t even cross my mind because it is so professional when customers call.

Navajo Nation Hospitality – Glendale, AZ

Thank you for the outstanding work. Professionalism has always been a factor in our presentation. Sound Results On Hold has kept us above that standard.  From the initial contact to completion of each project we were treated as the #1 client.  We appreciate all the hard work and most importantly the prompt follow up.  We look forward to our continued relationship.

Aurora Enterprises – Torrance, CA

The experience has been fantastic, the product phenomenal and the price very affordable.  We even get regular reminders to refresh our messages.  Here is a business that is a gold standard for Customer Service.

Sir Speedy – Olathe, KS

We are loving our sound results on hold system. We are getting lots of compliments from our customers… I love the service we get… Thanks for all the great work we really do appreciate the great system.