Today’s VoIP technologies allow for more messaging opportunities than ever before.Sound Results on-hold

VoIP • IVR Messaging Advantages


Use Sound Results messages as a direct sales tool and ultimately increase your bottom line. A brief promotional message incorporated into your main phone greeting is a proven and effective vehicle to advertise a product or service to your callers.


The right voice with the right messages are a powerful communication instrument. Think of your phone message as a tactical marketing tool. The voice, music, content and style of the phone message are a direct extension of your brand.


The professional voice talents provided by Sound Results show your attention to detail. Professionally recorded phone greetings enhance your image. A professional voice on your phone conveys a confident and trustworthy image.

Customer Service

Use Sound Results recorded messages as a customer service tool to direct your callers with a clear and concise menu to your departments. Let your callers know your hours, directions or other frequently asked questions.

“You only have one opportunity to make a first impression!”

“A professional voice talent conveys credibility and builds trust.”
– Sound Results on-hold

VoIP on hold messages?

We provide a full service that features custom messages and music, tailored for your business; broadcast through your VoIP phone system. All calls placed on hold will hear your customized music and message program.

Sound Results is your expert resource to help you manage the on hold features of your VoIP phone system. We work with all of today’s leading VoIP phone service providers. Whether you have an on premise based system that or a cloud based hosted system we have an on hold solution. We can provide an external internet based audio player or audio files that are formatted to maximize your VoIP systems sound capabilities.

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Message on hold

VoIP • IVR • Phone Greetings Demo


Use your main greeting to advertise special offers. Listen to some examples below.

      Promote Gift Cards
      Partner Upsell Offer
      Payment Offer
      Seasonal Promotion
      Service Request


Create messages that promote your upcoming events and seasonal happenings.

      After Hours
      Trade Show Expo
      Memorial Day Tribute
      Patient Appreciation
      Closed For Holidays


Use special music and voice talents to convey your unique style and image.

      Auto Center Main
      British Voice Mail
      Spanish Prompts
      Info Systems Main
      Retail Web After Hours
      Property Mngt. A.H.

Customer Service

Professionally provide hours, directions, and IVR routing messages.

      After Hours Menu
      Help Desk Options
      Hold Transfer
      Phone Tree
      Tech Main A.A.
      Web Banking IVR

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