"I am simply a bright idea that keeps callers connected."

– Message on-hold

Message on hold Advantages


Use Sound Results on hold to drive sales as a direct sales tool and ultimately increase your bottom line. On hold music and messages are a proven and effective vehicle to advertise products and services to your callers.


On hold music and message recordings are a powerful communication instrument when used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Think of your on-hold message as a tactical marketing tool, and the content of the message as a part of your strategic marketing plan.


The professional blend of music and messages provided by Sound Results on hold shows your attention to detail. On hold productions will enhance your image. Conveying a professional image is everything to a business.

Customer Service

Use Sound Results on hold as an added customer service tool to let your callers know that you care about them and that you appreciate their call and their business. Music and message information on hold can be used simply as a customer service device.

Sales Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Image Ideas

Service Ideas

On-hold Alternatives?


Callers never appreciate the Silent treatment

Illegal Music

Playing unlicensed music on-hold is illegal.

Radio on hold

Your callers may not like your choice of radio stations and they could (and do) hear your competitor's ads.

"Silence is golden…” Except when you are waiting for service, or wondering if your call was abandon or disconnected!"

Clearly, the alternatives to on hold messaging and music are not your best bet. What’s most important about choosing an on-hold solution is that 85 percent of callers prefer information on hold to other options (Sales and Marketing Magazine). Callers will stay on hold longer with information, as opposed to hearing silence or music only (Connections). According to a U.S. West Communications study, when callers were provided information on hold, it resulted in a 45 percent increase in caller retention, a 15 percent increase in inquiries, and a 12 percent increase in requests for products and services mentioned during on-hold messages. The bottom line ­ one in five respondents said they made a purchase or decision based on information they heard while on hold (Telemarketing Magazine survey).

Sound Hold Service is custom music and messages

We provide a full service that features custom messages and music, tailored for your business; broadcast through your telephone system’s hold circuit. All calls placed on hold will hear your customized music and message program.

Our unique system is designed to give you complete control of your on hold messaging experience so that you can change and update your music and messaging as desired. Our method provides you the flexibility to provide current special offers and compelling communications to your callers. This allows you to update your messages as needed whenever it is needed.

Sound Hold Features


Our experienced staff of writers will create a message program designed specifically for your business. Copy writing is included as a part of our service. Our staff of writers will create custom messages from any resource material that you provide. Our goal is to create compelling content that delivers a result for you. You can get involved in the writing process as much or as little as you want.


An extensive music library is available with blues to country, jazz to swing and Bach to rock! Almost an endless supply of selections are accessible to enhance your image, including a variety of specialty and holiday selections. Additionally, an array of sound effects can be used. All music and sound effects licensing fees are included in the service.


A large pool of professional actors and talents are available. A range of male and female voice talents are used in the production of your program. Specialty voices, character voices, unique accents, Spanish, French Canadian and other foreign language talents can be requested and used as well. Our skilled staff will help match the style and type of voice to best meet your needs and convey the image you desire.


Our online portal allows you to manage your music & messaging playlist. With MOE – our Message On-line Editor™ you will have your own login to manage your account. View your current script; review your past messages; add or change your music selections; schedule a new playlist or order new messages and schedule when they play or expire. This gives you more control of your program allowing you to add more timely messages that deliver results!


Our service can be installed on any telephone system or phone line including the latest VoIP and hosted phone solutions. Sure some phone systems require additional interface hardware but our team of experts will find a solution that can work for you. If you have any questions regarding your phone system capabilities, feel free to contact us . We will scour our vast library of phone system resources to find specific answers to meet your unique situation.


We have taken care of all of the risk and worry with our solid satisfaction guarantee! We promise to work with you to be sure you are getting the best value for your investment. We will beat or match our competitors written offers! In addition, if within the first 30 days of service you find the exact service for less, we’ll refund the difference. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will refund the unused portion of your service fee. Buy with confidence!

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How much is Sound Hold Service?

The rates are based on a subscription service agreement and packages are available based on the level of services you desire. Many flexible payment terms are available. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. Please ask your representative for a rate guide or custom proposal for multiple locations. And be sure to ask for a free 30 day trial of our service. Or, fill out our request form below.

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